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Andrix85 - GeForce GTS 250 @ 972/1311MHz - 26474 marks 3DMark06

Guest luigimedda22

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Of course it is bugged, you can not get this score at 950/970mhz, probably vga memory is at limit or something.


As i say, xp 64/340.52 is no better than xp 32bit.


You found a "secret tweak"? ==)), don't think so, as you run 3dmark 2001 with the same driver (very wrong one)


Please respect others work, and make a video about your huge score 3DMark 2006 run at 970mhz.

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I use xp64 / 340.52 drivers instead xp32 to try. Mybe it's better for sm3.0 subtest. I not use lod 15x as you saw. If you check cpu score for example TeamAU, it's higher, for only 50mhz difference. I rebench with video OK.


For 2001 i know xp64/340.52 it's wrong, but i need install xp32. For sure the result mybe better. I should try.

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