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Constant (reported) message appears.

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Good evening,


For more than two months now, in my main welcome page, there is a constant notification

on top ( Reported ).


When I open it, there is nothing inside, but only this message :


"Error message: org.apache.torque.NoRowsException: Failed to select a row."


Can someone please have a look at this ?


Thank you.

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I have same issue from registration till today. Can you fix it for me too? :) thx


Fixed myself :)

Here is how :


Open the ( reported ) tab.

You will see a message that there no reported submissions and a string of meaningless

( to me ) words.


Tab "seems" empty.


Scroll down - down and more down.


At some point, there must be one or more submissions that were never reported, but simply

did not go thru, due to some technical bug.


Delete them.


Here you are without a reported tab.


Cheers :)

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