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[FS] 2x Intel i7 7700K 5.2G 1.34v


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up since DennyCorsai86 either does not care to reply after he asked me to wait some days or his brain got degraded and cannot communicate with others. :/


Hope you are doing well bro! #finding_trustworthy_buyers_harder_than_7g_kaby


Same guy approached me for a 7700K cpu too,he replied on monday he found locally a better choice.


Sad but true.


I have lost more than 2000 Euros, by buying defective or dead hardware, right here at



PayPal friends and family... No sir.

Had I paid with PayPal normally, crooks would have a serious problem.


1) Never send anything without tracking number.

Out of more than 450 sales thru my old account on eBay, more or less 20% had problems.

2) Most dangerous countries are Italy and Netherlands.

3) " Please wait a few days "

Reply - No. If the item exists in a dew days you can buy it.


Greetings Stavros and Alex,



George :)

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