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Pi Fast ranking points should not be awarded

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Athlon 64 3200+ Winchester Pi Fast points were awarded to M.Beier even though he chose NOT to participate in the HW Bot rankings.


Shouldn't those points be awarded instead to those members below him who did choose to participate in the rankings?


See both of the web pages linked below:








The same user, M.Beir's Super Pi 32M time was NOT to have participated in the rankings, but also received points.






The above link show the points it received that it shouldn't have. Anyway, it needs to be corrected, too.




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add yet another time that shouldn't have received points
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I'm thinking it's a bug, but on the other hand... the scores do actually beat the ones below them, and AFAIk he's not using a special sample - so in some way, it's fair enough that those results "steal" boints from the worse scores. However, I didn't code this - Massman must clarify if this is intended or not:D And if it can be fixed.

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I didn't code it either :P.


Must be a bug. The 'no-point' option hasn't been updated along with the different ways to calculate points, I think. We won't fix this bug for the Rev3 as Rev4 will be completely different again (database-wise). I just removed the points manually now.

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