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[FS] Intel i7 7700K 6.6+ with good cache x2


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for sale 2 chips that do 6.6GHz+ R15. One does 6.4~ cache and the other 6.5+ (6.6 is doable if my memory serves me right). Both CB/CBB Free & delidded (on Apex).


6.4GHz cache one does 5g 1.21 on normal aio. 6.5+ cache one needs 1.23 on the same setup.


Price for 6.4G chip is 450€ shipped to EU. 6.5+ price is 500€ shipped to EU. Outside of I might cover the shipping cost depending on buyer's location. :)

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Any subs with them? How strong is IMC?


Did an aquamark with a 7970 yday with cache @6.6GHz and mems @4060 12-12-12 easy.

Will be able to provide screenshot tomorrow morning.


I dont know about the 2nd one (6.4) as I dont think I used it for OC more than once.

I might be able to bench it tomorrow if you are interested in it.

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