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older g skill CL 7-7-7-21 1,35V DDR 3-1333 pc3-10666 Ram

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1208 is age, week 8 of 2012, not sure about ic code because 1440, which determines this, is uncommon, I never saw this before. Indeed quite interesting

I kept a bit of knowledge alive from old ocx forums, you might also find same and even more detailed information at xtreme systems, but 1440 is really a new one for me

G.Skill DDR3 IC thread -

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Only way of knowing is to use heat gun/hair dryer to warm up heatsink and open them up. Websmile is right, 1440 has little/zero info and since your kit is Feb 2012 and around March / April the sn info changed. before apil of 2012 1340 was "most recent" known . Are these 2 sided, ic's on both sides of pcb ? The specs help very little as many ics can do 1333c7 at low v. but have problems at high freq.

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the second kit is from 2011 (see picture). both kits are double sided pcbs. So is it possible that this kits can be selled for more than 10 euro each kit? I am not the memory overclocker (I mainly use the xmp profiles now). so my knowledge in the memory department is not the best (you can call me a boon).

thank you guys.

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thank you a lot for your help. sorry for the dump question but what does mean that they have pcs ic s? is this kit "better"?


PSC ic's are typically most desirable but your second kit could be "T" revion of psc not "X" which is better for benching. Still I see no reason why you can't get at least 10euros for a good daily psc kit with chance of decent benching kit. In US ebay has a triple kit going for 15usd 1600c9 eco's 1 samung 2 nanya ett utt? and one like yours for $25+ shipping


G.Skill DDR3-1333 CL7 4GB (2GBx2) PC3-10666 ECO RAM | eBay

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