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Skylake Sellout, 6700K 6320 Xpower Gaming 7 + P5e3 + Nforce 4 Ultra


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MSI Z170 Xpower titanium, only used for the qualifer for ROG-Camp, found receipt finaly, so the board comes with receipt also :)


140€ + Shipping


Asus Maximus 8 Extreme, Board from ROG camp 2016 has LET and some vaseline left on it, incl. all accessories and oc panel.


220€ + shipping


ASUS P5E3 Pro, decent board with X48 and DDR3, highest FSB I could boot on air without much tinkering was 550: TAGG`s Reference Clock score: 551 MHz with a P5E3 Pro

No accessories included!



40€ + Shipping


Gigabyte z170x Gaming 7 used as a daily, comes with box, accessories and receipt from amazon


120€ + Shipping


i7 6700K bought from Sam, he tested the CPU for 6500MHz Hwbotprime, I never used it under cold, comes delidded, with Box for warranty.


250€ + Shipping


i3 6320, delidded, without any accessories, best the CPU could do under water: http://hwbot.org/submission/3301179_tagg_hwbot_prime_core_i3_6320_5216.44_pps



60€ + Shipping


16 GB Gskill Trident-Z 3733 CL17 bought from alex@ro about a year ago, acording to him these were doing 1933 12-12-12-28 1T 1,84V on M8E. Stickers have been partally rubbed off, comes with box.




150€ + shipping


Apacer (Zadak511) 16GB DDR4 3733 CL17 from ROG camp 2016, never tested them, but they have B-DIE ICs. Have some vaseline left on them.



130€ + shipping


Sun Microsystems Socket 939 Mainboard, Flashed with TYAN Tomcat K8E BIOS, board has Nforce 4 Ultra Chipset, but just one PCIe slot, I have about 10 of these boards if you want more than one :)


10€ + Shipping


Shipping in the EU is somewhere between 14-16€, for international Shipping please ask :)

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