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Hi all, I have some (4) Geforce GTX580 Lightnings. I am trying to bin them.

I am wondering if I can bin them on air and use the best binned version for subzero overclocking.

Do graphic cards bin the same way as cpu's?


I was wondering which overclock on air is good these cards as well.

So far my best card does 980MHz (mem was running 2500MHz) with +50mv for my gpu in Afterburner.


The cards I checked do Asic:





The fourth card does not have an air cooler yet so I could not test it fully yet.


Ps soon I will be binning 4870 x2's as well (also 4 pieces)


Edit: My best 2 cards seem to do 990MHz as well (+56mv, max is 1.144v real volts). 4th card is still untested.

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