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[FS] Gold 6700K + Impact combo !


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Hey folks i sell a combo composed of:



1. GOLD 6700K,does 5000/4700 cache ghz air 1.26-7 on asus impact cinebench and all benches, 5000/5000 1.32V on regular watercooling. It's twin i sold here in december, same batch. Does 6640 Cinebench R15 on ln2, 6520 xtu , superpi32m it's 6900.


Alex@ro`s Cinebench - R15 score: 1488 cb with a Core i7 6700K


Alex@ro`s Geekbench3 - Multi Core score: 28735 points with a Core i7 6700K


Alex@ro`s XTU score: 2245 marks with a Core i7 6700K


No CB / CBB is -175 .


IMC is also WTF, does 4133 12-11-11 super tight on b-die with 1.25/1.30 VCCIO/VCCSA 49/50/6/6 RTL all air ftw.



2. Great impact,benched few times ln2 then cleaned from vaseline ,clocks b-die easy and pushed them to 4260 12 11 11 tight on single-stage for example for various benches,of course with proper imc and proper sticks lol. Board has all accesories and box like new,never used.





I sell only combo 600E shipped in Europe, you get one of two best 6700K ever to appear on hwbot along with a top-shape impact and excellent imc to bench for hwpoints or binn B-die :)


Paymant via paypal or bank ,buyer is responsbile for fees.



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May I say that Alex is rather conservative about the cpu :)

I am the owner of "the twin ".

CBR15 on TRUE ambient water ( no cold, no hidden chilled water ), 5.3 / 5.1 with 1.46V on Impact ( many consecutive runs ).


Best I7-6700K EVER !!!

On par and better than most I7-7700K.


Alex talks LN2, check my subs for Dice.


Top notch stuff.

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