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Ryzen challenge for 50+150 USD! Under 6min 32M


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1.This competition is doing and sponzoring by myself, its doing also at another forums (Overclock.net, Xtremesystems)

2.The main winner is only one and will be first guy, who will hit target score or better score uploaded at HWBOT validation system




What is the competition? Challenge in Superpi 32M with AMD Ryzens for hardware worldrecord (AMD worldrecord). You will fight for sub 6 minutes 32M run. Yes, its not easy, but I would like to support AMD extreme overclockers to do some fun with Ryzen. Its clear, for this score you need LN2 cooling (maybe also phase and gold chip). In summary:


Ryzen 3,5,7 CPU is only allowed

Superpi 32M benchmark http://bit.ly/2n7qv6m'>http://bit.ly/2n7qv6m

The final results must included HWBOT submit (with your HWBOT nick) and photo of your rig.

At final screenshot of the result must be CPU-Z with CPU, memory, motherboard info as we know from HWBOT results.

Windows 10 is not allowed (bug with clocks), so only Win7 or WinXP

Competition ends at 31.10.2017, if nobody beat 6minutes target, the prize will be not paid!


Prize for the first winner (sub 6 minutes time): 150 USD

Second "small" prize 50 USD for 5GHz challenge at Ryzen for 6min 59s or less!

I know, its not something special, but its from my personal money :)




HWBOT website: Overclocking, overclocking, and much more! Like overclocking.

Superpi 32M benchmark to download: http://bit.ly/2n7qv6m


Have fun guys and good luck :)


BR Michal

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