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Binned E8400 sale [EU]


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I have for sale 2 binned E8400 processors. I tested them on my REX with GTX2 Hypers on Windows XP (water cooled).


The processors are tested on 4500MHz, results were as follows:


Batch Q036C710

VID: 1,2625

WPrime 32M (bios/Windows voltage): 1,27500v/1,264v

WPrime 1024M (bios/Windows voltage): 1,28750v/1,280v

Cinebench 11.5 (bios/Windows voltage): 1,28750v/1,280v


Batch L945B811

VID: 1,2375

WPrime 32M (bios/Windows voltage): 1,29375v/1,280v

WPrime 1024M (bios/Windows voltage): 1,31875v/1,312v

Cinebench 11.5 (bios/Windows voltage): 1,31875v/1,312v


Both processors did a 620MHz FSB post in a quick test.

Both did a 4800MHz post with 1.325v with just the LN2 pot on the cpu (as a passive cooler), no boot was tested for this speed.





Price: €10 for each cpu.

Sendig costs are for the buyer.

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