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Unable to submit the result file obtained with HWBOT Realbench


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Ran Hwbot Realbench with admin rights.

Got 3 results. Saved one and got the "rbr" file extension & screenshots.

HWBot refuses to accept the rbr file and crashes when submitting via the program.

Am I doing something wrong? I didn't have this trouble before.



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I have the same problem as of July 15 2019, run with admin rights, even with firewall and defender shut off

If I upload the rbr file, it says it will not parse.  (image below)

If I press submit and do account login, RealBench screen disappears and no result  shows up in my submissions. even when i am logged into the hwbot site.

 or the program just crashes. 1673221004_HWBOTRealBench2.44resultfilewillnotupload.thumb.png.8876dff0142e3bc08b22d2c2550511c7.png


It's  a shame, because I have some pretty good scores 227,000+

Isn't there a way we could change over to use the standard screenshot method as long as an image of the results panel is included?

(since the old method clearly does  not work and SW is no longer supported).  See image on right

HWBOT RealBench_213637_i9-9960X.png

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