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B-die; Coffeelake cpus, vintage gpus


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up for sale are a couple of perfectly working hardware items. On the cpus, only one can go bc I still have an apex x which I do not want to be without cpu if I sell it for last test


1. 2x8GB G.Skill TridentZ DDR4-3733 C17 (B-die)


SN 1706, I used these for daily driver. Final test on MOCF and 7600Kshowed they can do last least 4133 12-11 tight geekbench3 and XTU at 1,97V BIOS Vdimm and 0.9v vtt for me. In original box.


2. Intel Core i3 8350K boxed wof


Only used for board tests and then IMC tests, decent mem clocker, I did 4220 12-11 air on Apec. No idea how it clocks compared to the average 8350k. Undelidded with box and booklet. Batch 706

3. Intel Core i5 8600K boxed wof


Mostly used for memory tests, this cpu can easily run 4133 c12 tight rtl 49/50 6/6 air, core checked without any tuning 5ghz 1,184v cb15 on apex air, not delidded, batch 732 with box and booklet

4. 2x Foxconn Geforce 7900GS oc 256MB


Strong cards, stock oc is 560/700, I ran them without mods on air around 650/1000. Strongest GS imho. Bulk, two cards

5. 2x Zotac Geforce 8800GT Amp 512MB


One of the absolutely dominating 8800GT models, very well binned cores and mems made these cards sought after. Stock oc 700/1000, iirc I ran the cards on single around 770/1200 for some benches without mods on stock cooler. Two cards, bulk

6. Thermalright TRad Graphic cards cooler


Very strong cooler that fits lots of cards, I used it for ati 3,4 and some nv/cards. The cooler comes with some extra ram coolers and a mosfet cooler, the package includes two fans as well.


Prices without shipping

1. 210 Euros sold and paid

2. 140 Euros sold and paid

3. 350 Euros sold and paid

4. 40 Euros sold and paid

5. 60 Euros sold and paid

6. 20 Euros sold

Payment can be done with bank transfer or paypal (gift payment or buyer covers fees) Shipping depends on location, I am located i germany and on the gpus and cooler for examp[e shipping outside eu would be expensive most likely, so get a quote first

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