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KaRtA - Core i3 7350K @ 6500MHz - 735 cb Cinebench - R15


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Hahaha. George, I wish they were. This ones IMC craps itself cold, been past two others that lost their shit over it, now it’s my turn. 


First time LN2 on intel for me. The pain was real!!!! CBB at -118, managed to get down to -180 before CB, warm up, cool down to -160 CB, warm up, cool down to -158, got this run, next run, system lock, pull 24pin, cool down -130 CB WTF, warm up to -118, add some CB voltages, fail fail fail fail fail, gave up after when I saw the heat plate frozen and moisture on the edge of the board and near the memory. Could hardly boot or pass -120 at that stage. 


So so much to learn still. Pulled down, dried off and ran Ryzen 2nd Gen for 3 hours straight at full pot after. 

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