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FS: ASUS Rampage VI Apex + EK Monoblock + i5-7640X


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Dear all,

Im selling my s2066 previous bench / rather now daily use setup :)
The board is fully boxed, coming with all accessories, 100% working condition. I used it for couple Ln2 sessions with i9 and i7 cpus, afterwards i removed insulation (some places its still some vaseline left) and used it with EK RGB Monoblock in watercooled rig. The i5-7640X chip is not delidded, coming with box and still covered 2.5 years warranty. It can do 5GHz primestable 1.25vcore, i never tested this one on subzero, used it only for gaming. if needed i take out the cpu from board and take picture as well.


photo of the rig it was built in:


Im asking 400 EUR shipped within the EU for the complete setup (board+cpu+waterblock).
Thanks for watching.

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