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Here are a couple comparisons of SSD vs HDD performance:


On the left is the Core Drive vs Seagate 7200.9 250GB on the right.

This is attached to an AW9D Max (Abit) motherboard with ICH7R.




These two are on an Asus P5Q3 with ICH10R. The first one (top) is the Core, second (bottom) is the Seagate.





Both sets of tests were performed on the same SATA port on the respective motherboard and using the same SATA cable :)

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I use my workstation primarely to develop code and play a game once in a while, so a fast disk would do me some good.


Are the new OCZ 32GB SSD drives any good? They are more or less affordable, and 32GB is enough to get me going. Anyone experience with these drives? Or is it still too soon to use SSD drives?


My first post and introduction.

Hello to all.


I decided to buy my first one, SATA 3.0 SSD, last year and have never regretted it.


The numbers are coming down fast on the prices,

I have four of the OCZ 30 GB ones and three GSkill 128 GB ones.

If the prices go down faster, then I'll be ordering the 256 GB ones shown at the EGG.


I'm only using 10,240 MB boot Partitions and it works great.


Restore an image with Acronis so fast you think it made a mistake and really didn't do it.


I think if you can afford one right now the 128 GB GSkill's are the ones for the money.


Pretty soon the 256 GB ones will come down in price and they will be the right ones for the money.

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