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Moving sale round 1


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Moving soon so it's time to thin the herd a little, here's the first round of stuff more to come when as I go through my spare hw. 

Asus A8n-sli deluxe $40+ship3hZSbFT.jpg

A55m-e33 $20+ship iCPzRmd.jpg

OG asus crosshair $50+ship (semi-rare item especially working) J2IV8NY.jpg

Crosshair III formula (plastidipped) $40+ship P2Avakj.jpg

Some Tyan am2 server I'm too lazy to look up $30+ship ulqwEFO.jpg jZ01foI.jpg

Msi x99s sli plus (plastidipped) $70+ship BXWNhpE.jpg

Dell xps 720 board, has multiplier oc in bios and supports sli, arguably the best btx board out there $50+ship OKHPXAH.jpg

EVGA sr2, plastidipped and taken on ln2 once, works great and in excellent condition $300+ship bcTxQda.jpg

Asrock z77 oc formula, plastidipped, run on ss countless times, taken on ln2 a few times, works well and does at least 111.9 bclk $120+shipdv4ypz8.jpg

PM or comment for more details/shipping. Accepting PayPal or local cash

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49 minutes ago, yosarianilives said:

Forgot to put price in first post, it is $120+ship which should be around $15 in the US. If you were interested in the ocf you should've told me during the bench meet ;) 

Cool. Lemme think a bit. Yeah.. would've had you bring it but didn't know you were sellin' 

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29 minutes ago, funsoul said:

Darnit.. knew I saw one there!

Definitely a great board, just don't see much point in owning it on top of my maximus v extreme, especially when I'm trying to thin the herd ahead of an August move ?

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