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NVIDIA vintage VGA pack, EVGA GT 1030 SC


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1) My NVIDIA classic card collection, all my cards, all have 50 points in their categories :D

All cards have been checked today, most have been repasted today.

Price for bundle: 240 Euro shipped EU.

1.1) Asus GTX 580 Matrix

img_5277uncjw.jpg img_2532j0e1y.jpg 20180910-140014keeoi.png20160305-034606l1ejx.pngvantag1200mv1045-1200c7e2u.png

Card is delidded, very good clocker (my result 1100/1290 Vantage 18C water / 1045-1050MHz core 1.200V pre delid). Contact between die and heat spreader is okay for stock use - heat spreader sanded down a little bit, but for overclocking needs to be cooled bare die.

1.2) EVGA GTX 570

img_0105kkiis.jpg 20180910-150247hveq4.pngu

Comes with box, CD, manual, Aquacomputer full cover block. Stock cooler is unused and has protective wrappers on it (card was always water-cooled). No OC Tests.

1.3) MSI GTX 560 Twin Frozer (Hawk PCB)

img_99740gdm6.jpg img_9942lzcgs.jpg img_41692wlikj.jpg img_7733s9d79.jpg 

Freebie, will put it with bundle on request - feel free to bake. :D
Death by storage - card was put into drawer in a working state 2 years ago and is showing artifacts now.

1.4) Colorful GTX 480

20180910-162336luebl.png img_2233nldj4.jpg img_2871e4ims.jpg 

Stock cooler unused with protective wrappers on (water-cooled card).

1.5) Colorful GTX 470

img_4275b8i53.jpg img_2158msiq1.jpg img_314250c6i.jpg 20180910-161451f1dx5.png 

Comes with full cover block and no stock cooler. PCB bent in one corner, one cap bent but it's mechanically solid (got it like that). Card is working fine, no issues. No OC tests.

1.6) Gainward GTX 260

20180910-164717xfek3.png img_3058224dt6.jpg img_0193a8dad.jpg 

Bought for OCN competition but seller took 3 weeks to ship, so I never used it. Plastic shroud of stock cooler looks less than great, stock cooler has never been removed (seal intact) so there's a bit of dust, otherwise card is okay. No OC Tests.

1.7) Asus 8800 GTX 768MB

img_5842j2cf7.jpg img_3521f8cm7.jpg img_4274qzcna.jpg20180706-0257472cuell.png20160323-192115lzd09.png

Delidded, because of large gap between IHS and die either glue needs to be removed or heat spreader sanded down for operation with stock cooler. One cap slightly off center (again it came like that), card works fine.


2) EVGA GT 1030 Superclocked Low Profile

New (from RMA), with invoice, >670 days warranty left. I can include original packaging, but it will increase shipping cost.

img_2877qocq0.jpg img_0785p0c3f.jpg 

Price: 70 Euro plus shipping.

3) Zotac GTX 480

img_46384udsj.jpg img_394259iec.jpg img_0147k4i9j.jpg img_15465df0r.jpg 20180910-152152tbem4.png  20160417-072536q8eaj.png

With box and some stuff, stock cooler almost unused (water-cooled card). Both GTX 480 clock about the same and work well in SLI.


Item location: Germany.

Payment via PayPal/IBAN/transferwise. Buyer is responsible for PayPal fees.

Private sale, no returns, no warranty.

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