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Please add old cpu ng80386sx-33

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4 hours ago, Casanova said:

@Antinomy what informations do you need to add this cpu to the database?

They usually request that you include a CPUZ link.

But Antinomy may not need one 😉

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I did a print screen with some information that might help.

Unfortunately this old cpu is not compatible with cpuz or any other "modern" cpu id software, but i used old norton system info and checkcpu windows 3.1 software to help identify it.

I also want to know if a print screen like this will be enough for a future superpi1m validation run? I did a "quick" superpi16k run as an example.

@Leeghoofd or @Antinomy i would apreciatte some help with this.

If you guys need any other info please quote me here.

Thanks a lot.


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Thanks A LOT :)

It is correct, amd "clone" version of original intel 80386sx, Cyrix made their ones too.

Back in middle 80'ies Intel had a deal with Amd and other companies that allowed then to produce their own 386, but they are essencially all the same cpus" ng80386sx ;)


Edit: This is the datasheet from amd 386 processors, along with a table from wiki (the info is correct, i checked it in the datasheet):


Model number Frequency FSB Voltage Power Socket Release date
AMD Am386SX/SXL-33 33 MHz 33 MHz 5 V 1.35 Watt 100-pin PQFP 1992


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