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I bought a R3e BE some time ago from a gamer just to be sure it wasn’t abused .

I tested it when i got it,everything seemed fine so i put it back in the closet .

Months later i installed it and when i pressed Power button it had no reaction,only the Led was on but nothing was happening. Whatever i tryed it remained in this state.

Recently i saw Derbauer washing the boards and dry them after so i did tge same and it wirked,the board was booting but only sometimes i got the chance to go into bios.

Basically ,if i press clr cmos and power buton many times,eventually it is gonna take it boot in bios and after windows. I can restart it and boot again windows but if i make any changes in bios and restart the board i have to repeat the whole procedure. I updated both bios chip to latest one,where does it lie the problem ?



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@TASOS - ty for the advice. 

I tryed now but it does the same ,in any position with 1 bios or 2. I discovered that the battery seated on doesn’t affect the board,it will boot the same after several clr cmos. Need to change title.

I left it in prime95 small fft,to see if any errors appear.

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