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12-11-11 B-Die


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Surplus b-die which is no longer needed.

I never abused them and total hrs of them working in my hands is under 8.

1. G.skill Goc 2016 kit,don’t even remember from where it was bought long time  ago.

Pristine condition,results as follow,tested today on Gene XI.

4200 12-11-11 Cb15@2.05v

4160  12-11-11 Gb3@2.04.

Cpu on Aio,mem on Air.


2. G.Skill 3866 18-19-19,quad Rgb kit,Layout A2.

Bought pretested from Websmile for all 4 sticks 4133 Gb3 ,tested 2 Random sticks and they do waza 4080 12-11-11,maybe more in more capable hands or if someone manages to bin the best out the four of them.

video run on 2086 mhz waza at 5 ghz,5.53.203 .



Will atach pictures  with test later ,atm only pictures with product as i am stuck i my car waiting for a friend to come help me take it out from the snow, damn winter.



Item 1 Paid and shipped

Item 2 for 500€ quad or 275€  each set of 2 sticks. (Cheaper than in store)







Fees and shipping are on the buyer.

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