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hidde663 - Radeon RX 570 @ 1440/2175MHz - 8282 marks VRMark - Orange Room


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:( I did some digging and i may be able to fix the issue, seems to be an issue either with windows 10's latest update, the radeon driver, or perhaps the DAG-file signature. But if the RX 570 keeps rejecting my bios-flash attempts it's done for. I may even try to boot in windows 7, and try from scratch as a last resort. I was going to give the card to my brother, with a custom pre-overclocked bios. I've flashed it about 30 times before, tho yesterday it randomly bricked itself. Anyways RX 590 nitro+ SE is on it's way :D
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Thanks for the suggestion I have thought about that today at work, college of mine also suggested dual booting in linux debian K/ubuntu K (not sure which one again) and attempt something similar, but I'm trying windows 7 first tonight, also because i need to install that for 2D benchmarks anyways :)
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and he's alive! i tried to flash it over commandline with atiflash, to which atiflash replied with "error-0fl01", which let me to this site: https://www.techpowerup.com/forums/threads/atiflash-error-0fl01-fix.133935/ part 2, step 3 was my solution. gpu-z suddenly allowede me to save the vbios, which btw was stock.... just to be sure i flashed the original default bios i had saved from december 17th 2017 on to it again in case it was partially corrupted. I'm glad to see the random corrupted frames again during idle/video playback :D
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