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Highly suspicious scores with i7 950s

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I too find it pretty suspicious Bob. Like one of them bought the CPU, and then "sold" it to the next, then the second guys benched it and "sold" it to the next....etc...

This represents a huge loophole in the HW sharing rule, but it's difficult to avoid since we all buy HW from each other all the time.


BUT!! - it appears (based on the screenshots) that these are not all the same CPU, since core voltage is not similar across all of them.

All this goes back to the staff's point that appearances do matter, and even if there is something wrong with these scores, it'd be near impossible to prove since it has been done (hypothetically speaking) very stealthily.


@ HWBOT staff, tsan doesn't have a screenshot, but back when he submitted the score, the screenshot was not mandatory, correct? If so, a note should be added to the rules page showing the date when that change took place for reference :)

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I bought my cpu from member of HOT named TONY GAL ( http://hwbot.org/community/user/tony_gal ) from the following sale thread




Noone of the other 3 members ( gprhellas, tsan and subzero ) benched with my cpu .

I killed this cpu and RMAed it to get an 980X .


You guys are funny sometimes ...


gprhellas is hipro's best friend and bench partner . Do you really think he would have done something against the rules ?

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