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ShaggySVK - Xeon W3520 @ 5470MHz - 6min 52sec 375ms SuperPi - 32M


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On 4/3/2019 at 10:18 AM, Nanok said:

Batch number ?

. Chip is absolutely stupid and in no way maxed. We were running >5.5 32m later but the effi sucked, probably messed the OS up.

At ambient the chip does this at 1.33V:


Uncore at 4.0 with 1.26V:



Chip also does >5 GHz uncore (I've ran pifast at 5.5 core 5.4 uncore on Dry Ice a while back, but since it didn't scale didn't bother subbing). Stops scaling at 1.6V which we hadn't quite reached. Wouldn‘t surprise me if this chip is capable of 5.6 benchable in the right hands...

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