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New overclocker here. opinions welcomed.

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thats actually one of my concerns, my temps get high, 80s-90's but i have changed a few things to increase my "marks"? i know more marks are better, but what exaclty are marks?, also, i was doing comparisons and i need some info on what exactly turbo boost power time window is and how to/ what that should be set at and also what cache ICCmax is and what i should be setting that to as well. i need to do something to try to bring my temps down im running a be quite! dark rock pro 3

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What he said ^ ... delided on load temps can drop 25c. That's alot so keeping under 80c for benchmark runs will be better for results.

Ditch the air cooler. If your serious then custom water cooling, slow speed pump, large surface area radiators.

eg. My 8086K machine has UK alloy watercool brand rads 3x140mm & 2x140mm. Benches 5.4Ghz & cooling to spare in Australia 20c ambient mornings

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