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GPUPI 3.3 Global points


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Reconsider. It was used in Challenger so it is very legitimate benchmark. Omitting this whole version is for me a bit strange, as it has all functionalities: HPET and submission management. GPUPI 4 is not even at the table and You want to skip whole benchmarking effort. Especially mine :)

PS:  Such a shame. ;) Very inconvenient for me, very convenient for others, haha. 
Well, it feels like a paper crown now.   I don't get to play with big toys for a long periods all the time. 


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It was released as an update to GPUPI, but had a huge performance increase making all previous results basically pointless, and so it was decided to keep it separate, and wait until GPUPI v4 is out where I believe it would be combined (so v3.3+).

Blame Mat for releasing software with such big differences in performance between versions hah.

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