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matty50racer - Radeon HD 7970 @ 1360/1825MHz - 6294 marks 3DMark - Fire Strike Extreme


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Thanks! I thought i cracked the bios limit but it was just that the card droops more when overclocked under load. I was practicing volt modding the 8228g on an old dead 7950 i have. It looks like it will be a piece of cake. I want to try dry ice but need to find a pot. Any suggegstions? I noticed kingpin has them but they are pricey.
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10 hours ago, Matt26LFC said:

Best thing to do is just keep an eye out in the forum for a used pot much cheaper usually. Is there a trick I'm missing, I can't seem to get near your or Jan with same clocks :(

Newer drivers with tesselation off and modified memory timings with R_timings from overclock.net are my only "tricks".  I didn't do anything to windows it's a dirty old installation that would benefit from a fresh install.  I don't know what Jan is doing to memory but he has a better proccesor than me so that helps him.

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