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So here is the link to latest test OC BIOS and Command Center Lite for the MSI MPG Z390I GAMING EDGE AC





- FPT Tool for flashing

- Command Center Lite for finetuning in OS


The test BIOS main purpose is optimizing for memory clocking,  Please do note that until now I haven't tested these BIOSes yet. So use the file as your own risk!







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Hi, just wanted to share starter DDR4-4800 CL14 2x8GB settings that i use on G.Skill OCWC,

I tested only on the 1-DIMM per channel MSI Z390I Gaming EGDE AC with O18 BIOS 
So far only 2x8GB Samsung B-die Single Rank (1Rx8) with A2 PCB could attempt this, I do not know of other IC that could.

I do this setting on 2x8GB G.Skill OC World Cup 2019 Modules (8Gbit Samsung B-die)

1) This is a 'starter' settings, meaning some subtimings are still loose (like tRFC and tertiaries), and depending on the module you still can get it tighter. This is just to get you started/booted. (You can also use this 'profile' to either bin/test IMC and/or sticks).

CPU put to 50/50 Core/Ring at 1.3v just a safe point and easy check for efficiency.

2) SA/IO will depend on your CPU IMC. Good IMC can easily boot 4600-4800 on 1.5 / 1.45 (SA/IO) or even less. Normal IMC like my 8086K need 1.6v SA / 1.45v IO.

3) Pay attention to VDimm, depend on module, some module won't boot 1.95v+, my OCWC2019 module do OK with 1.9v.

4) If you're not sure on your IMC, do the settings like this on 1.6V SA/ 1.45v IO, but lower DRAM Ratio to 4500, then try to boot higher like 4600, 4666, 4700 and so forth

That's it.
Under cold and very good IMC @ 1.65v SA+, with good DRAM Module that scales with cold you should be able to boot/bench 4900-5000 CL14.









Those were the settings I use as 'base' to get to 5000 CL14 under cold IMC and cold sticks on OCWC 2019 final



It's not much, but I hope it helped :)

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19 minutes ago, barti27 said:

how to flash this bios including the fpt 390 bios 0.18 

Assuming you wanted to flash BIOS under 64-bit Windows OS,

1) Extract the FPT_Z390_1123.zip, pick the 'Windows64' folder. Extract the folder somewhere, for example C:

2) enter an Command Prompt (cmd) as administrator , navigate to the previously extracted 'windows64' folder

3) enter command FPTW64 -f BIOSNAME 

(BIOSNAME is your bios files name with extension)

wait until done, after that shutdown-clear CMOS, and its's ready.

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