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GTX 580 OCP tripping (i think)


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Hey guys, got an asus gtx 580 dirrectCUII that i have volt modded but the issue i thinking im having is that i may be tripping OCP on the card as at about 1.33 volts the whole system just shuts off when i get into firestrike. Does anyone know how i can disable ocp on this card if it has it?
i cant find any datasheets on the VC its a "SHE ASP0907", the only way i was able to mod it was due to someone else posting a picture of their solder work on another forum where they used it as an external VRM.

Yes i will cover those wires with some hot snot at a later date.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.






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58 minutes ago, Noxinite said:

I would bet it is OVP if the card has it. You could test by running those volts and stock clocks, if it still does it then probably OVP.

Unforatunately, if it is OVP then it'll be a lot harder to fix.

yeah its leaning to be OVP, stock clocks and 1.35 volts and firestrike shut the system down again

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Just now, FireKillerGR said:

wait - just read that the WHOLE system shuts off.
If it was gpu ocp/ovp you would lose signal and the rest of the system should (most likely) be working fine.

So, check your psu.

ohhhhhh, i know the psu is a bit under powered but i thought it would be able to take it. ill try it in my main rig and see what happens


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1 minute ago, (PTP) ShmoeMo said:

yeah i didnt want to remove it but im not that good with smd's that small so i just took it off and recorded its resistance. Oh well on the bright side i dont have to worry about ocp now haha

now that you removed it you HAVE to connect/short/solder the two ends/pads on the card together. 

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Just ran it in my main system and i was pushing 1.35 volts at 958mhz and it didnt shut down. it now looks like im running into temp based lockups XD as any higher on the core even with more voltage as soon as it hits 85c it locks up, looks like i need a bigger psu and a water block on the card ?

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1 minute ago, techjesse said:

Those mods are for running Ln2... you need a Ln2 pot.... :)

not necessarily, you can get away with volt mods on air but you just have to keep it cool. how ever i do want to put this card under chilled water, dice or ln2 at some point and see what i can do with it. Problem is that ln2 pots are exspensive af. unless a second hand one comes up cheap or im able to get copper cnc milled then i wont be going dice or ln2 any time soon

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46 minutes ago, kikoone31 said:

Hello, I want voltmod up6223A from my gtx 580dcuII, but I can't find anything. Did you manage to do it in the end?

na sorry buddy. there is no documentation on this chip and asus for some reason say that the documentation on this chip is confidential which is BS, like ffs the card is 10 years EOL (end of life) i think they can release details on ancient cards without worrying about people stealing designs from them. If i ever get around to probing the surrounding resistors and finding the feedback pin i will let you know, as i need to know it aswell. i need it as i am having a friendly battle with someone else for a top spot XD

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On 6/16/2019 at 1:04 PM, techjesse said:

I have a MSI GTX 580 Lighting and it run hot.... water or Ln2....lol  :)

so sorry i never seen this comment bud. it depends on whats causing the bad temps. whats the voltage and frequency you running?

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