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XP works on Ryzen


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11 hours ago, cbjaust said:

Can this work without Legacy PS2 or a supported USB2 controller? (X370 Crosshair VI Hero and 1800X or 3600X)?

Edit: nevermind, just realised @I.nfraR.ed has it working on the C6H. Tell me your secrets! :P

Everything is in the winraid forum, however I had to install it on Asrock K4 board with PS2 first, then make an autohotkey script to run at startup and "click" the Next button on "Found New Hardware" windows for me to install the drivers when moved to Crosshair VI Hero ?

As for installation - I use a custom firadisk image and load the ISO from USB drive. XP partition on the SSD formatted and aligned to 4096 from Windows 7, then skip the formatting from XP install.

Then use the top USB slots closest to bios reset button.

Can't find a working txt-mode driver for the stupid via usb controller card.

PS: Not going to share my Nlited image though, since it's my bench XP and I don't feel sharing it outside the team ?

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Meh, you're in extreme league, I highly doubt I'll ever bother with LN2.

Anyway, no leagacy is good and all on the the C6H until you need to install an older version of Windows. I guess I'll have to try this with my Strix B450-F Gaming. Thanks for the info.

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