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Guest Wasmachineman_NL
On 7/3/2019 at 7:35 PM, max1024 said:

So what about Rules? https://hwbot.org/news/10883_application_126_rules/ CPU-Z tabs on the render :-0

Big fucking deal emo.gif it's a laptop from 2001 with a XGA resolution screen and it's also a dogshit score, it's not like I broke a WR.

EDIT: if it makes your inner autist sleep better at night I deleted it. God, some people. Makes me wonder why I even joined this site when there's turbospergs like liq_met or this guy above me.

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K guys, these rules have been implemented thanks to some members that cheated by replacing the original rendered scene.

This sad act has a major impact on all following/future submissions.

If you want to bench it hook it up to a desktop monitor, 1280 x1024 res should be sufficient to get all vital info in there...

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