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At DICE temps: there's no CB or CBB. So no need to adjust the other voltages used for LN2 benching. Aka PLL termination, DMI....etc.

For All Core use: up to around 1.525v-1.585v will work. Disabling HT and down to 3 core for benches like SuperPi you can run up to 1.625v VCore.

VCCSA/VCCIO up to 1.45v

With Acetone and DICE you'll see Pot temps around -68 to -70C with ZERO load. Once loaded up, the pot will roil like boiling. So mind the overall level of Acetone poured in. Have a rag/Blue Shop towel ready Incase it starts spitting to catch any Acetone. From there if you have too much Acetone, let the dice most burn off and then soak up excess with blue towels.

Put DICE in 1st, then pour Acetone over it. Not the other way around. If you want to gauge the amount needed: pour some into the unmounted/empty pot to see how you'll need. You only need enough to cover the base of the pot.

Insulation/Condensation proofing is the same for DICE/LN2. Main different is the DICE session doesn't freeze out the board as far. Basically up to your VRM is typically where I see it stop. Or Zero if you have a KP Heater.


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