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  1. I do wonder if Blender could be implemented as a Benchmark. It's agnostic to Intel/AMD. Would need a smaller test than Gooseberry. Do a HWBot logo or something along those lines. I think there's GPU acceleration available. Might be a multifaceted Benchmark if it's secure from tampering.
  2. Since it's an AVX2 test where memory BW increases-increase current consumption: could be an IO/SA/IMC thing? Im not experienced enough to make any educated guess.
  3. Most likely current (which is work) is creating more heat than voltage. Causing the negative scaling past 1.68v.
  4. Awesome results! Was this the Mythical 5.5GHz AIO cpu?
  5. 3 leagues seems the best way. You need a method of bringing in fresh, new blood or this e-peen sport will grow stale. So the Novice league is a good way to start out. It's unlimited and whatever you can use goes. Time limit works. Maybe arrange for 2 Rookie-Rumbles each year to entice newcomers. Work with Youtubers to promote this idea as it seems to be the fastest growing marketing Avenue. Those marketeers (really most are advertising venues) can possibly assist in sponsoring those rookie comps thru Hardware vendors. The cooling aspect: not everyone can afford to invest for SS, DICE, LN2. So a line should be drawn there. If your investing in a SS and up, your preparing to ultimately make the jump to the highest level which is LN2. So elite at SS and above. Chillers on down to Air in another League. The difference from an Ice chest to a Chiller is not much at all. If you luck out and get a golden ambient chip that's cool. Those that don't can try to catch up with chilled waters and higher voltages. Free hardware vs none: I don't have experience here so IDK how much of a difference it makes overall. But there should be a mechanism to to show Sponsored vs Non-Sponsored. So 3 tiers: Rookie/Novice, Enthusiest, Elite.
  6. It was the beard that helped right? Awesome Work!
  7. richiec77

    [FS] i9-7960X

    Hmm...Tempted. I'm in the USA so I'm doing some research on Customs. Might be duty free.
  8. richiec77

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Stage 10 TSE 1 GPU per Family. We're going by Series correct? Aka 20xx, 10xx, 9xx, 7xx, 6xx. Or by GPU family which would then be Turing, Pascal, Maxwell, Kepler, Fermi?
  9. richiec77

    [US] Quitting OC Sale (GPUs, WC, Misc)

    PM coming your way
  10. richiec77

    [FS] [US] ClockCruncher's goodies

    Sent ya a DM on Discord. I'll buy it from you.
  11. richiec77

    HWBOT Anvils SSD 1GB Benchmark Validation Regulations

    So no RamCaching, but Samsung's RamCaching utility is allowed? Examples of a 960 EVO and Intel 900p. https://imgur.com/a/pbcfKtJ