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  1. If using Monitoring Software: restricting temps and frequency is the best way to go. Cooling is still restricted but not via hardware.
  2. Interested in the 2 Tek-9 Slim Pots. I'll send you a PM.
  3. Got an APEX X. Sending you a PM.
  4. HD6450 might a good alternative. Much faster than the HD5450 but basically same/similar price point. Seeing GROUP LOTS of 8 HD 6450's going for like $63-80. Basically $10 or less a card. Seems to have been a popular choice for pre-builts. Microcenter, Newegg, Amazon...etc seem to carry New Stock
  5. Cool. Seems like a good chip overall.
  6. What SA/IO for the 4795 run?
  7. GTX 550 Ti maybe a good choice. Fast enough in GPUPI to not be a chore. Prices on EBay is around $35 shipped. China seems to a popular location. So could be easy to source worldwide. or R7 250. niobium mentioned these in our Discord.
  8. HD5450 is Definitely cheap on EBay. Quick search for 1GB models is around $16-18 buy it now shipped. That's cheap.
  9. Thanks for the Trade. Nice Dewar.
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