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  1. richiec77

    HWBOT Anvils SSD 1GB Benchmark Validation Regulations

    So no RamCaching, but Samsung's RamCaching utility is allowed? Examples of a 960 EVO and Intel 900p. https://imgur.com/a/pbcfKtJ
  2. richiec77

    [closed] Price Drop - Interesting DDR3

    PM on the Gskill 266 kit
  3. richiec77

    [FS] [USA] fm2+ crossblade, 2700x, Vega 64, ect

    PM on the 2700x and DDR3 memory.
  4. richiec77

    Moving Sale Consolidated

    E6750 E8400 4x 2gb Ddr3 gskill ripjaws 1600 mhz code 0680 7-8-7, and 0640 8-8-8 I'll take all this. Sending you a PM.
  5. richiec77

    FS: Mobos and GPUs

    Oh. Perfect. About to jump into LN2 and want an AM3+ platform to start with. PM for the Crosshair Formula.