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Current wPrime 1024M World Record

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I am writing about the current wPrime 1024M World Record. The time seems unusually fast for the clocks reported in submission


is it possible to get some more information from this score as there seems to be a huge difference between their scores and everyone elses


top score previous to this submission was held by kingpin with CPUs at 5.6GHz dual QX9775 skulltrail. Vince's time was 1m52s


current world record is held by leghorn and giorgoprimo with a 1m50s but at 4GHz on CPUs :eek::eek::eek::eek:


third fastest time with skulltrail is followed by youngpro at 5.33GHz on CPUs with a time of 2m01s


is there something i'm missing here. I know that at least in youngpros case he used Vista which is a lot faster at wprime than XP so his results should be right


did giorgoprimo and leghorn accidentally list the wrong CPUs or speeds or something. This is really odd.


i am obviously not saying there is any fowl play as i respect these two guys a lot but rather its either some monster tweak or some kind of mistake in submission :confused:. Decent speed skulltrail times seem to be in the 2m30s+ time zone


personally i've benchmarked on skulltrail on air at 4.4GHz with 2m21s time




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