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Blocked submissions, rules

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I can understand the block for some of the submissions, my fault i didn't see that i need to use benchmate. But for prime 32m, cinebench 2003 there is no benchmate restriction. Also for winrar you said "win 7 sub only", at rules page i didn't see any restriction...

For cinebench r20 there are no rules.

For all the other submissions you can cleary see there is win10 subs without benchmate...

Wait for your response. 





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If there are other entries with AMD on Windows 10 without Benchmate, resort them. Cinebench R20 rules are combined with the R15 rules, look on that page. There is a wprime 32M with Benchmate category and look at the general rules / FAQ for when Windows 8/8.1/10 is allowed. 

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1 hour ago, Alexopus6 said:

It's mod work to check the submissions im not gonna report every signle win10 sub in the 3600 section...

If you want to moderate then do it with the right way.

Thanks for the help.

You understand that mods are totally voluntary, right? You understand that this is a free to use site, right?

They don't owe you shit.

If people can't be bothered to check the rules or their own subs, why the fuck should anybody else do it for them?

Only way to get it straightened out is to report them. If you see something, report it. If you don't report it, don't bitch that there's errors.

Again, thanks for your help.

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  • Crew

Benchmate indeed only has a limited benchmark suite, but at least it has enhanced OS clock detection, hardware info checks and Matt even digged into making the included benchmarks more secure.

Issue for all AMD processors is while running on Win8/10 and benchmarks not supported by benchmate it will be blocked. Your only option is to revert to Win7 or just don't submit a score for that category if you can't get Win7 to work. 

I know it is a sad affair and we need to define easier to understand rules. Benchmate is great but remember it is also a solo project of one hardworking programmer that receives just private donations. Everything is progressing, but it will take time and believe me it will never be a perfect world.

As Scotty said we are all volunteers doing it in our free time and we try to make it a as fair possible playground.... thx for understanding

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