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[EU] EVGA X58 Classified boards (E770 & E760)


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Up for sale two fairly rare motherboards from X58 days, the EVGA X58 SLI Classified E760 and X58 Classified 3 E770. Both of the motherboards are in fully working condition, although both of them have been slightly tested on LN2.


EU is preferred as shipping from Finland is not very cheap. Offers are welcome from other places too and I can see if I can find good end deal.


1. X58 Classified 3 (E770)

Board is in very new-like condition, has the original packaging with most of the accessories and no visual damage in the socket nor on the board itself. Has the special bios already in which allows full control with SETFSB. Only X58 classy board with Sata 3 and USB 3 support, and has the J-IOH jumper for slightly improved bclk overclocking, and a little bit different power delivery components.


Price: 210€ + shipping


2. X58 SLI Classified E760


The better version of the original board that lacks the NF200 chip, so this one will overclock much better on PCIE and BCLK than the very original E759. Board comes in as BULK so there are no accessories included nor the original packaging. The top right corner of the board was damaged by the previous owner but it doesn't affect functionality at all. This one also has the good old bios already in so it is ready for any OC, plus all of my profiles there already.


Price: SOLD









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