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Firestrike not scaling with crossfire 3 or 4 video cards help !


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Morning gents , i'm back after a couple of years of no benching. I'm having trouble getting 3 or 4 gpus ( rx 590 ) in crossfire to scale in firestrike , i took a look at the monitoring part built in the benchmark and i saw a drop of gpus usage from 100% to 40% on parts of gt1 and gt2 ? it happens with 3 or 4 gpus on windows 7 , score it's half of where it should be as i'm getting 15k instead of ~30k. Any ideas , trick or tips how to get them to scale and work 100% thru the whole gt1 and gt2 test ? I have no problems in none of the other hard gpu benchies , Timespy scores correctly and Vantage to name some. Any help would be greatly appreciate it as i'm pulling my white hair out :/. 


PS. i'm using 2 psu , one evga 1600w and a evga 1200w.

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Nop , i cannot get it to work on FS , 4x gpus , i give up. it seems like the driver is not sending the signal to the benchmark to use the four cards and is using only one now , do not know ??? buggy drivers , buggy OS windows 10 , buggy last update of FM 3DMark , is anyone guest at this point. I see multi gpu benching dying very soon :( at least on AMD ...

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