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Hillguy - Core i7 3960X @ 5353MHz - 1min 37sec 891ms wPrime - 1024m


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Hi All ,

I posted a reply in the comment section under the reported tab in my profile two days ago but I don't see it here ? Is that normal ?  

My apologies to the crew for not replying sooner ( need to check my mail more often ) I am from Newfoundland in Canada and we are known for our great sense of humor , I am short , bald and in my mid 50's.  I don't cheat myself out of a good time and I have no tolerance for those who do , life's too short and what's the point of cheating ? Where is the satisfaction in not doing what you said you did ? Makes no sense to me , and that's my feeling on that.

Here you go Sweet , I re-ran the benchmark as I said I would.  Here's a you-tube link to 1024m @ 5353 @ 1.68 volts on water https://youtu.be/ttSwkI7h0G8 , my time is 97.686sec.  

I have another faster run of 97.093sec that I will submit in a few minutes in the Competition Section with video. That should take care of any doubt of what I did when I did it.

Please take no offense from my commentary during the videos Sweet it's all meant in good fun buddy.
Take Care

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