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Just got myself a Cascade Lake X. What's changed for OCing these chips?

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First post here, so I'm kinda new on a lot of things.  I've routinely overclocked my Intel Extremes when I buy them, all the way back to Ivy Bridge. Cooling is adequate (good water) and I'm all ready to have fun!

Usually there's a guide or info out there, to get up to date on how a new series of CPU should be approached for overclocking, but this time for my new Cascade Lake X, I can't find any.   I'm apprehensive about just using an old Skylake X or Kaby Lake OC guide, because if anything's changed, it'll be exactly the sort of stuff one tweaks for overclocking stability.  So how do I start with OCing my new CPU, what's different?   I don't want to damage the chip by using previous generation howto's that might suggest settings that don't work for it.

Is there a good guide I've missed for OCing an i9-109xx CPU on an ASUS X299 board? What are the basic approach,  key controls, and major limits I should stick to for basic OC?

Much appreciated, thanks!

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9 hours ago, Splave said:

Same cpus use old guide no problem 

Is that "literally"? I mean, Id have expected *some* differences relevant to OCing between Kaby Lake / Skylake X and moving to Cascade Lake X? Surely some voltages arent as large, some new controls or changes to cache handling exist, some VR changes, extra VR coolers, or something?

Gotta be some stuff that was safe or recommended on older HW thats not okay on an i9-10980xe and X299 combo.   Or is it truly, "Just follow the guide for Skylake X, because nothings changed w.r.t. OCing other than for experts"?

Also which is the best guide that will ensure I grok the controls and how to approach basic OC, not just follow a dumbed-down recipe?

I'd really like to see what I can make this chip do :)

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@Splave, @keeph8n - That's really reassuring, thank you both.  Subtle limit differences have been my biggest worry.

Its been a while since I OCed seriously, I need to refresh myself how it works on these boards.  I'm curious how far I can push a 10980XE ?.  I might need to ask a few reminders.

My basic approach looks like killing AVX/2 overheat using -ve offsets, ignore mesh/cache/RAM (4 x 32GB Corsair @ 3600), and just maximise raw CPU non-AVX OC first. When that's stable, sort out AVX/mesh/ram/cache in turn. Does that sound right?  Do I need an extra fan on the VR?

There are several guides online - including this one (English translation) which is the only one I could find to specifically discuss my CPU.  But which specific in-depth guide would people recommend for a real deep look at the available controls and how exactly to make best use of them if these CPUs are are pretty much identical to Skylake X and Kaby Lake?

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