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[FS] Rauf's GPU, memory and CPU sale


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I need to get rid of some excess stuff.

2 x Galax 2080Ti HOF OC Lab edition.

Nr 1: Very strong card, easy 2715/2125MHz at -165C
Price: 1000€ - SOLD!

Nr 2: Decent card, around 2650MHz
Price: 800€ - SOLD! 

3 x  strong Galax A1/A0 memory kits. All are good, low voltage kits that work great for ZX70/Z390 and especially X299-platform which works best with low voltage kits.

Kit nr 1: Silver heat sinks with stickers. 2090MHz 12-11 tight Geekbench at 2.02V all on air cooling. Also has good compatibility with MXI Gene for example that some memories don't like for some reason.
Price: 225€

Kit nr 2: Silver heat sink, one with rog sticker. Alex's kit from GOC2017. Bought for a quick test. 2110MHz 12-11 tight Geekbench at 2.04V all on air cooling.
Price: 250€

Kit nr 3: No heat sinks. 2090MHz 12-11 tight Geekbench at 2.04V all on air cooling.
Price: 200€

Golden 6700K cpu. Used in all of my best submission on skylake. Example: https://hwbot.org/submission/3195508_rauf_cinebench___r15_core_i7_6700k_1450_cb
Might have issues with high multipliers on LN2 if I remember correctly. Not sure if it was CPU or MB issue last few sessions. If so just use high bclk and 55 multi or so instead and it works fine. Been used in daily rig with liquid metal until today and works perfectly. Can ship extra ihs if you don't want to lap away the liq met.
Price: 150€

Golden i3 6100. Can get some decent hw points from this one: https://hwbot.org/submission/3163728_rauf_cinebench___r15_core_i3_6100_708_cb
Price: 100€

Also have one Maximus VIII Extreme MB if anyone's interested.
Price: 100€

Prefer bank transfer, but paypal is also ok if you pay as friend or cover fees.


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24 minutes ago, Sparky's__Adventure said:

Can any of these kits boot 4266 12-11?

Haven't tried. Kit nr2 should def do it as it is a very strong kit. Most kits will boot way higher than they can run geek. 

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