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What's the difference between Chilled and Cascade

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Quick rundown:

Chilled water: fluid loop sometimes capapble to be cooled down to even well below zero degrees. Usually done by a phase change unit (something like in your home fridge but performing way better), we even see chilled loops running CPU/GPUs at -20ish degrees. Requires good insulation to run hassle free and can be darn expensive too.

Phase Change: like mentioned above temp range between -35 and -65°C-ish.  Colder and holding load way better than the above.

Cascade: inbetween cooling between Dice (-70ish) and liquid nitrogen (-196) Depending on the demands of the owner temp range around -85 and -120ish  for the mega expensive units (2K range). 

Liquid Nitrogen (-196°C) , expensive in usage, requires dewars, special LN2 pot (der8auer, Kingpin) , but full temp control by the user.


For phase change , cascade units in Europe BartX and Piotres are the most renown names:




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I might the able to help, have you done any research on single stage coolers?

Is this for benching or for 24/7 use?  Maybe see if one of Team Japan has one they would part with, I wouldn't be surprised if they did.

I have four single stage units in storage with current block and mounting, I could sell cheap and deliver -40c but unsure of cost of shipping would be.

Back to the water chiller, these are cheap ones that work.




Expect them to work as a normal water loop and I use the CW-1000 currently on a HEDT @ 5.4Ghz, the second chiller was used on the 3175x to "display" 5Ghz all cores, this is ok for MSDT low core count and don't expect performance on HEDT.  If other people have tested and left disappointed please chime in.

I just delivered a -50c tandem to Chispy international successfully, Just before Chispy, I delivered another single stage rebuild successfully in the US.  Two this year so far.

If you want one of my units I can refurb a Jinu for $500 with Chilly1 block and R507 gas, the case wont be pretty or possible existent depending on the carcass I pick.

Maybe you want -100c cascade ??

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