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TerraRaptor - Duron 800 (Spitfire) @ 1488.2MHz - 1min 9sec 811ms SuperPi - 1M


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Yep, pretty nice cpu. Looks like AMD did a great job of optimising silicon of Spitfire - early cpu steppings clock way worse than later ones, so that durons with later manufacturing dates will do 1.2-1.3GHz air while it's not possible with earlier cpus even at SS. These cpus are also affected by fsbwall - unlocking multi to go higher fsb, though easy to do by L1 mod, won't always bring benefits as one will hit into fsbwall rather into core limit (this exact cpu will do 1.27ghz air with x8 multi and won't do 1.0ghz with x5 multi).

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