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Digg_de - Athlon XP 2000+ (Palomino) @ 2142MHz - 46sec 63ms SuperPi - 1M


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Guest Digg_de

Lol, didnt noticed it. Its like a Applebred.. I cant tell you whats wrong there. I wonder if it is damaged.. going to check later. Thats maybe the reason why i have not a really good Effi @32m compared to Strunkenbold.


Did nothing else beside connect L1 Bridges. It looks not good, but work. ?

edit: was also looking for a Software that shows the real CPU.. i mean if it is 2000+ or 1800+ or whatever but nothing found yet.


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True, you can't get the real CPU name, it's not fused on the CPU, but is matched to a table depending on the detected features, core, FSB and multiplier.

That's why if cache is damaged (or unlocked) it gets detected as something else.

Anything running out of stock invalidates the detected model and "stock" sometimes means completely different on different motherboards.

It's really easy to cheat with model numbers, but I hope people benching those CPUs are honest. You can basically submit all XP-M Bartons with just one CPU.

Even a photo of the CPU doesn't prove anything, except that you have the model, but doesn't guarantee it's the one used for the submission :)

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