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[FS] B-die Sale ( A1+A2)!


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Up for sale are a few kits that i have no use for, have better kits at the moment. Currently trying to put some money together to have fun with a high-end gpu. 


#1 Retail HyperX Predator DDR4-4266C19 


Based on b-die, they use a slight different layout compared to other vendors which interestingly makes them very easy to bench especially on AM4 Ryzen Cpu's. To put things in perspective, if using a regular A2 kit you get 3 succesfull attempts of training from 5 tries, these will boot and train 5 out of 5.  They do love cold,-50 is rock stable with solid results.

Using z490 all air 4800 C14 is good to go with 2.02V. With cold cpu i had seen 4933 C14 with 2.13V but 5000 was not stable for geekbench eventhoug they can take 2.25V for breakfast :D 

On Am4 the voltage requirement is the same however i did 5000C14 but not screened it anywhere, 5100 also did boot but didn't find stability. The only screen i got is 4933 14 13 13 from this submission:




#2 Galax A0 DDR4-4000C19

B-die as well, old layout, sample but retail spd. Very easy to bench on Z270, Z370, Z390, no adjustment on VTT needed. Will do 4190 12-11 32M with 1.98V looping on ambient temp, 4240 12 11 geekbench. Never tried slight negative temps however 4200 should not be hard at all. For example on ambient 4220 stops at loop 7.... This is my second best kit of A0 that i have, best one will do  4240-4260 C12 32M :) 



#3 G.skill world cup 2019 sticks

A2 pcb, B-die with A2 layout. Together they do 4800C14 with under 2V on ambient, didn't push because the other two sticks are better and only benched those. Sample from 2019 World cup.









200E for each kit.  If one buys all we have a deal  at 550E + shipping. Payment via paypal or revolut, buyer covers taxes or sends as friends. Will assist the buyer in case he has issues in getting the results i mentioned.  This is a private sale so no warranty on long term, i guarantee the sticks are working and doing what i wrote.

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