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[FS] 2x11900K


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For sale two strong 11900K, retail from swedish shop.

Nr 1: SP 89. Does 6600MHz R15 with quick test. Second place in R20 and Geek3 at the moment. Does 7050+ 32M also. just very quick test with safe voltage. 7050 was running fine, 7.1 failed. Did not test in between or different volts.





NR 2: SP 97. Very strong on AIO but did not scale very well on LN2. Runs 10C colder than the other chips I have tried, so a very nice chip for water cooling.

Does 6.5++ R15 and 7.0G+ 32M on very quick test on LN2.



Nr 1: 800€ 

Nr 2: 700€ 

(I paid 650€ each for these chips, because of limited availability here so keep that in mind...)

Shipping and paypal/bank fees are covered by buyer etc etc. Buyers in EU preferred because of you know what.


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5 hours ago, Splave said:

In my findings, ln2 bin is necessary. Also multicore gem might be terrible at single thread and vice versa 

That's true, but I meant chip 2 is considered a "strong aio" chip. Most of my testing is done on air, maybe switch to water soon, so I want to know what that binning criteria would be.

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