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I.nfraR.ed - Core 2 Duo E6750 @ 4448MHz - 10min 40sec 125ms SuperPi - 32M


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Yes, one of Sam's binned CPUs.

Didn't put much effort in this, I think ~4.5GHz 32M stable is possible on chiller.

FSB-wise I'm not sure how good it is, could run around 605 with x7 multi, but I haven't really tested the board separately or played with GTLs much.

Twister is on "Moderate". 1000 6-7-5 is easy with strap 200 and PL5, Twister at "Stronger" at 500 FSB, but max mem freq I could run so far is around 1030-1040, which seems to be the max of this board, at least with stock cooling and with my lack of s.775 skills.

Will test it on LN2 some day, should be good for top-5 I think, maybe better.


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