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Yes, seems to be gone, but I can't really tell if something is still applied, since the site uses the custom styles from my profile :D

Some of the styles are a little off, due to some upgrades during the years though.

The logo I had is gone.

PS: Actually the custom css is still applied, the background on my profile page uses black/grey shade rather than the default blue of the rest of the pages.

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Haha, so I now know what he tried to do, either by mistake, or intentionally exploiting css injection vulnerabilities :D

In fact I wanted to test it and report if something is wrong, but never actually got to it. Custom CSS without sanitizing it can be dangerous.

PS: I think it is possible to steal someones account using that kind of XSS attack, but haven't drilled much in the topic.

So..a good call, I would say.

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Good question.

IMO, any customization needs to be controlled with the appropriate interface for that.

I guess that feature will be back at some point, but not the free form css input.

If a "theme" customization is needed, then some sort of a theme editor has to be implemented.

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