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looking for a BIOS image QDI P4U885GRN

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20 hours ago, Gumanoid said:

looking for a BIOS image QDI P4U885GRN, alternative name PCI/ISA UD486GRN and MP4-P4U885G

Very hard nowadays to find a 486 mobo bios.

Do you have the ability to check if a certain bios is the right for your board ?

Can you unzip and test with somekind of utility ?


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The early Jan 1997 screenshot of the QDI ftp shows very few options



You are looking for this one (with UMC um8886f / um8881f chipset)



Your best shot at the moment , is to test one of those bios that are still available at the old mobokive archive.

https://www.elhvb.com/mobokive/Archive/Qdi - Legend/bios/486/index.html


The worst scenario is that you will programm the new bios chip but the board will not start.

Start with the 885v23 , it was made for the P4U885P3 (it looks very similar to yours).



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2 hours ago, Gumanoid said:

Great site!! Thanks a lot!

Yes , the www.elhvb.com is a must have for all old-timers !!!

They host two bios databases , the mobokive and the kuriaki

and they also host many manuals for old boards.


They sure deserve a donation , for all support that they offer.


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