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[FS] [Europe] Some LN2 gear


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I've got some LN2 gear that I don't think I'll ever be using. Most of these, I barely used when I was very active here, much less so after that :) Time to give these items a new home!

#1: EK Inflection Point CPU pot with LGA1151 kit, foam and paperwork. This package was sealed until I opened it for inspection and photos. Bought to help out an OCer friend who was the manager of a local OC store and had these units forever. I probably had some plans to use them, but clearly it never happened. I will just assume that these have the mounting hardware that they're supposed to have, as the content is (almost) untouched by me. There was a tube of Gelid Extreme inside, which I decided to keep.

$SOLD (or make me an offer)

#2: EK Inflection Point CPU pot. Same as above, just without the foam and LGA1151 kit. Only got one of those, unfortunately.

$100 (or make me an offer)

#3: Small mini alu GPU pot with insulation and thermal probe. I don't recall where I got this, nor what probe it is or if it works. The pot itself should be fine. I think I used this on some very lowend GPU once or twice like a decade ago - low profile cards. Very basic unit, but I guess good enough for what it was used on, anyway. If my memory is right, I used a clamp on it to "mount" it onto the GPU.

$30 (or make me an offer)

#4: Long alu GPU pot with some mounting gear (not complete, I think). No idea where I got this. Probably never used it. Might have been from a friend who fiddled around with OCing around 2006-2007. One of the brackets is slightly damaged, and I assume some hardware is missing. No idea how it performs.

$SOLD (or make me an offer)

#5: Kingpin Tek 9 Fat GPU pot with insulation. I don't know what revision this is (feel free to PM me if you happen to know!). This one I used a handful of times, I suspect most recently on an 8800GS a little over a decade ago: https://hwbot.org/submission/2195802_knopflerbruce_aquamark_geforce_8800_gs_384_mb_368246_marks

I have no idea what accessories this one was supposed to come with. What you see is what you get.

$SOLD (or make me an offer)

#6: Copper GPU pot with thermal probe and insulation. I don't know if the probe works, or what type it is. I also don't recall where I got this one, either (apparently, I buy these while drunk - as I usually have good memory on this kind of stuff...). I suspect it's an old leftover from some of the Norwegian overclockers that retired when I was around, but this is just speculation on my part. Fairly simple design, but it is heavy. It comes with one mounting bracket, no screws (but I assume whoever made it made sure some sort of standard screws would fit).

$125 (or make me an offer)

I live in Norway, so shipping isn't the cheapest through the state company (Posten Norge). The rates are 286 NOK + 26 NOK per kilogram of weight to Europe, and 286 NOK + 62 NOK per kilogram of weight elsewhere. I can ship to whatever destinations Posten Norge will ship to. I can also do it by DHL, but then the buyer has to send me the paperwork as I have literally NO experience with DHL and I don't want to make any mistakes.

Also, if my prices are insane or I made mistakes - feel free to send me a friendly message and tell me :) Putting a good price tag is hard when you've been gone for so long.

I live in the Oslo area, within reasonable distance from both the airport and the main train station, so I'm able to meet people there if they wish to do so.

I accept Paypal, in either USD or NOK. NOK cash-in-hand if I end up meeting someone is also an option.










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