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  1. It's obvious all core can't clock the same, you can't call someone a "tryharder" only because he take some of his time to clock every core, one by one to get his best score, the time he used to validate his max freq should not be considered as wasted time, it take time to get the best result like with every other bench. Then validate the max freq using load is non sense since we have a lot of 2D bench to do so. CPU-Z max freq is also one of the only bench to be reported on media, higher the score is, higher the hype is and so the chance of seeing new face on the bot.
  2. price decreased a bit, kingston kit is sold.
  3. Hi, there is some LGA1151 cpu on Aliexpress/Taobao that are ES laptop/BGA CPU soldered into an interposer that can be used in LGA1151 chipset 100-300, these are a lot cheaper than real LGA1151 cpu, I own one of them which is the "QQLS" model, an 8/16 unlocked that I got for less than 150€ (less than half the price of the 9900k...), there is a list of these cpu (other one are not ES and just laptop to desktop chip) : QNCT - 6 core die, 6/12 active, locked multiplier, "8th gen", U0 rev, similar to 8750H/8850H (I don't know their operating frequencies), + 4 bin oc up to 6 cores at 3.3GHz QQLT - 8 core die, 6/12 active, unlocked multiplier, "9th gen", P0 rev, similar to nothing (nothing is P0 and 6/12), cannot be a 8950HK because it's a 6/12 die QQLS - 8 core die, 8/16 active, unlocked multiplier, "9th gen", P0 rev, similar to 9900K (desktop), could not find P0 unlocked laptop chip, could be a 9980HK ES QTJ2 - 8 core die, 6/12 active, locked multiplier, "10th gen", R0 rev, similar to 9750H/9850H (I don't know their operating frequencies), oc up to 6 cores at 4.0GHz QTJ1 - 8 core die, 8/16 active, unlocked multiplier, "10th gen", R0 rev, similar to 9980HK or 9900K (desktop) Note that most of these cpu can't pass DDR4 3000MHz and timings cannot be push as low as on desktop cpu (I'm walling at 2933MHz cas 16 with b-die) The issue is, as far as I know, these cpu are detected by CPU-Z as this (my QQLS) : Giving this, there is no way to know which cpu they are matching with, also it looks like CPU-Z is having a hard time reporting memory/uncore frequency as well as timings (might be only my case that might be because of a broken bios on my Asus Z370-F Gaming). From my point of view, only the QQLT should not be benched on hwbot since we can't find any similar cpu (or we could say it's similar to 8700k, just to allow people benching them), for QNCT and QTJ2 it depend if their similar laptop counterpart can match their frequencies (just to be fair against them, if yes they should be allowed), for the QQLS and QTJ1 we need to discuss about which cpu they most likely match. As far as I know, benching ES cpu with point enabled is only possible by everyone (except Elite) if it's not a current gen ES cpu and if it's not for a competition. So are these cpu allowed on hwbot and if so which cpu do we associate them ? (please say yes so I can bench my GPU and get rid of them hehe)
  4. Yes still available No, 60 is already very low for this type of memory. 4x4 2400C10 G.Skill is sold.
  5. Hi, selling from France, shipping to EU, everything is working : - Gigabyte GA-EP45-DS5 - 35€ shipping excluded, I once did a 565MHz of FSB valid on E5420 (Xeon 771 quad) at 1.7v on a good cpu but nowadays it's very unstable after 500 FSB on Q9550, don't really know why, no box, I/O shield should be present. - Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3 - 45€ shipping excluded, working board, box is present, the I/O shield should be too, +5€ for UD3P heatsink. BOTH EP45 for 75€ shipping excluded. - EK SF3D CPU pot - 90€ shipping excluded, come with three sheet of 1cm iso (25x35, 16x25, 15x25, all in cm), insulation tube provided, no k probe, the heating base thing, mounting mecanism for all socket, original box, I bought it used 3 years ago, it only know dust and freezer twice + a little home made pot for NB or whatever, base is from brass, tube is copper, no mounting mecanism, never tested before https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1OIWgM13jyxNEpqo-v6f6dfdqZ8dzgQ8f?usp=sharing I can trade for hyper sticks or micron D9GMH/D9GKX stick along with some DDR2 sodimm stick
  6. That seems to be some sort of ASIC quality for cpu but only visible in Asus Bios
  7. https://hwbot.org/news/884_application_12_rules/ result details is missing :)
  8. might be good to make something like an "honorable mention" for best air/water/above zero user in each competion that include extreme cooling, so that everyone could have a goal ?
  9. Hi, you don't have any I/O shield or more bundle for the #90: DFI LanParty UT P45-T2RS. ? And how much for shipping to france ? Thanks you
  10. Hi, I want to buy at least two stick of Elpida Hyper or Micron D9GTR with "good" frequency capability in cas 4, 5 or 6, screenshot with voltage required needed, it's better if there is a spi32m completed in the screenshot Ship to France
  11. Hi, where are you located for shipping ? How many with shipping cost to france ?
  12. Hi, do you have any result for these hyper on 6-9-6 ?
  13. Hi, how much will it cost to ship it to france ? Thanks edit: do you tried to warm the core at something like 150~160°c ?
  14. I don't think any "unfair" rules fall from the sky at the end, I mean to agree with "the scores must be valid on 3dmark.com" you musn't use tweak (at least not these that invalid the submission), for sure it wasn't explicitly written that LOD and others tweak were not allowed but you should have be more careful about it. Also it's the risk of posting submisson at the last minute, if you posted it before you would have been warned about these and you could have made new submission.
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